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Ever since I was a little kid, Software development has been my passion. I remember sitting in front of my assembled PC and playing games, I always wondered what it needs to develop a game and how it is coded inside. As I grown older and with that my passion for coding has grown much stronger. I learned C, then C++ tearing through any books I could find on anything remotely related to software development. I was insatiable. I put myself in summer trainings in Visual Basic. Developed some advanced projects including SQL as well.

The passion carried me through my education procuring BE from CIT. Here there were more resources available to me than I ever could have imagined as a kid. I studied new technologies such as JAVA SE, .Net framework. And it was here that I learned truly how much there was yet to learn. So, then I joined Post Graduate Diploma at C-DAC IACSD, Pune and learned how to be an IT professional.

Skills / Interests: C#, .Net Core, Web Api, SQL, JAVA EE, Angular 4.0, SCSS, Bootstrap, Polymer, HTML, Web Accessibility, EmberJS, BackboneJS, Redux, Node, Javascript, Typescript, SaaS, Agile Development, Micro Frontend Architecture, GIT, Jasmine, Photoshop

Hobbies: Painting, Watching Movies, Playing Table Tennis, Nature Photography, Travelling

Initial Work

End to end requirement gathering, detailed out structure of work to be done. Analysing each and every step.

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Master Planning

Chalk out all the plans and create a roadmap for all the work to be done in an efficient manner.

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Smooth Execution

Execution and development happens by following agile methodology, keeping the room for alteration after work starts.

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Tech-Stack - Having hand on experience..!!

Cascaded Stylesheet 3.0
Asp .Net
Node Js
Angular 2.0
Elastic Search
Mongo DB
Amazon Web Services
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